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1. Because Evangelism Is always hard. 

Yes — it is hard, and many of us feel it is getting harder. People don’t want to come along to things. They are dismissive of starting conversations. They do not want to read books, or talk about evidence. They put up a barrage of questions, condemnations and objections. And we must fight through all these things before we get to share Jesus with them. It is hard, but then, no-one promised it would be easy.

At the Evangelism Conference you will be reminded that this is what we are called to — even though it is hard.

2. Because we have a great message to tell.

We can sometimes feel backed into a corner and lose our trust in the message of salvation. Our culture portrays us as narrow-minded bigots who believe a fairy story for which there is no evidence, and that our message, and we, are dangerous people. None of this is true; and yet it is hard not to feel like that sometimes.

At the Evangelism Conference you will be reminded that the gospel of God really is Good News for this generation.

3. Because we are prone to giving up. 

Left to ourselves, personal evangelism and mission as the central focus of church life, gradually gets moved to the periphery, and withers. We end up being “secret saints” and churches that are just a private club for those who turn up. That’s why we need to keep hearing the gospel ourselves as Christians, and why we need to keep repeating to ourselves and each other the call to go into all the world and make disciples.

At the Evangelism Conference you will be encouraged to keep going.

4. Because we need fresh ideas and stimulation. 

One of the other problems we face is that we become set in stone on the “how” of evangelism. It worked for us back then, surely it must work for everybody now. But culture changes. The questions and objections people have change. What is important to them and our culture morph into something we need to work at understanding, because it is alien to us.

At the Evangelism Conference you will get fresh ideas to consider and try in your local church..

5. Because we need mutual encouragement. 

Spending time with others who share the same frustrations, challenges and joys is important. It helps us see that we are not struggling alone. It helps us share approaches to problems that we have found worked. It is always encouraging to hear the stories of people who have responded to the gospel. God is at work in our world. Evangelism is embracing our part in a work that God himself is doing.

At the Evangelism Conference you will spend time with other believers who are engaged in the same mission with you.

Be encouraged and equipped to share the good news of Jesus. Join us for Persuasive Evangelism: Evangelism Conference 2018 in the South at All Souls, Langham Place, London on Tuesday 9th October 2018 and in the North at Holy Trinity Church, Platt Lane, Manchester on Thursday 11th October 2018. Book now

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